Building a Mobile Device Test Lab


Building a Mobile Device Test Lab



Back in the day, web designers had conversations every few years about what the smallest screen size was that we needed to take into account in our designs. We went from a width of 640 pixels (c. late 1990s), to 800 pixels (c. early 2000s), eventually settling on 960 pixels as a baseline in the mid 2000s. Cell phone access to our sites was an afterthought, if it was thought about at all.

Then Apple released the iPhone in 2007 and everything changed.

In 2015 we must take into account screens that range in size from 27" to 38mm and 5120 x 2880 pixels to 272×340 pixels. Responsive Web Design is a great solution to dealing with the plethora of screens that display our sites, but it is not possible to get a true feel for how our sites are experienced on various devices by resizing our browsers.

Enter the Mobile Device Test Lab. These labs are just what they sound like - a number of mobile devices used to test websites on various screen sizes and platforms. This talk will cover how you might convince your boss to purchase some test devices, and how to choose and prioritize the devices that make the most sense on which to test your site. And it will feature a demonstration of how to test multiple devices at once using Ghostlab (not affiliated, just a happy customer).




Technical Level


  • Interfaces for the Modern User
  • User Experience Design
  • Front-end Testing
  • Web Performance