From Data to Dashboard in a Day: R and Shiny


From Data to Dashboard in a Day: R and Shiny



High utility data sets are emerging from many data authors, including both government and non-government organizations. However, the utility of data relies significantly on the consumers’ ability to draw conclusions and enact action plans based on the underlying information. Data portals have historically been expensive to build/maintain, with much of the development work being distributed across multiple teams of developers and data scientists. The Shiny web application framework for the R statistical software package has the potential to eliminate many of the initial startup costs of building a visualization platform, and makes developing and deploying a data visualization application faster, easier, and more accessible.

This presentation introduces R and Shiny as a combination of tools for the development and deployment of quick data analysis platforms accessible to many user types. A simple SQL-based function will be deployed and demoed, with sample data and code available post-conference. In this talk: R, RStudio, Shiny,




Technical Level


  • Data APIs, Standards and Analytics
  • Interfaces for the Modern User
  • Browser-based Graphics
  • Analytics and Data Analysis
  • Open Data