What’s your NeXt idea? The UC NeXt Ideation Platform.


What’s your NeXt idea? The UC NeXt Ideation Platform.



Across all the UC campuses, labs and medical centers, we have close to 7000 IT staff with vast expertise across many technical domains. When a team somewhere in the system is facing a perplexing technical issue or an amazing opportunity, the question becomes, how can we assemble the right people?

Much is said about the positive benefits of collaboration especially in the world of Information Technology. The challenge is that true collaboration can be difficult and it requires strong relationships between the participants. The question becomes, how do we develop these relationships across IT Staff from all UC locations?

With the advent of cloud and mobile computing, agile development frameworks, the “internet of things”, virtual reality and data analytics, there are so many innovative mashup ideas that would greatly benefit students, faculty and staff of the UC system. The question becomes, how can we gather, learn about and participate in these ideas?

The UC NeXt Platform will allow passionate and inspired technologists to grow their innovative projects and ideas into broader system-wide collaborations. IT staff can “like” ideas, offer comments to improve them, and even volunteer their time towards helping grow them. UC NeXt is all about enabling offers of help and volunteerism to evolve into funded and supported efforts that build momentum and ongoing support by showing value and return-on-investment.




Technical Level


  • Agile Methods, Leadership and What's new in IT
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Front-end Testing
  • Accessible Web