Developing Mobile Apps that work Offline


Developing Mobile Apps that work Offline



What happens when your mobile device does not have a network connection? That device will have no content, no experience and the amazing application that you spent so much effort to build just simply will not work.

This talk would be around the implementation story of creating offline and online applications on Mobile.

The journey begins with NoSQL database modeling and what we can do with a NoSQL technology for mobile. The session will go through how to create data object model relations, design for performance in difficult areas with no signal, and how to develop a local Android NoSQL datebase that syncs to the cloud.

We will go over code on how to have your mobile application function offline without relying on the network. You will gain knowledge in NoSQL databases technologies and walk away with insights on how to create offline type of applications that to sync to the cloud.

Couchbase Mobile is a thin client library that would help developers with their mobile projects in creating a local data layer for offline user experience and will provide fast sync capabilities when there is available network connectivity.




Technical Level


  • Data APIs, Standards and Analytics
  • Connecting and Collecting on the Go
  • User Experience Design
  • Semantic Web
  • Browser-based Graphics
  • Browser-side Networking
  • Leadership