Humans—the New Interface of Things


Humans—the New Interface of Things



Quantum Interface, an Austin software and design company, believes nothing is more precious than your time. Imagine a world where the cumbersome selection of apps and files is replaced by a smooth, wave-like, predictive process with one continuous motion. Even as technology integrates into our lives more and more, the human-to-device interaction is often not a seamless experience. With the era of mobile and wearable devices, connected automobiles, and the Internet of Things upon us, there is an enormous need for an improved, intuitive interface system that spans across multiple devices. With deep expertise in motion-based UI/UX Design and Software, we make it seamless for users to shortcut through the cumbersome menu systems on mobile and wearable devices today. The interface provides new predictive navigation that “predicts” intent through the user’s direction of movement and speed. Initial applications include Android, Windows, IoS, Unity and Tizen. There is no longer a need for a mouse or even special hand gestures to interact in a touchless environment. Jonathan Josephson will demonstrate how the whole person – from your fingers to arms to eyeballs – can interact with all connected devices now available. It is time to start the revolution and change the user experience dramatically – making everything faster, easier and even consume less precious battery power.




Technical Level


  • Interfaces for the Modern User
  • Open Data